Intelligent people trying to act cleverer than they are so often sound dumber than honestly stupid people.

My girlfriend leaving me for a much more viable mate.

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I can’t believe Mr Salmond invented the NHS to use as a fear tactic for the Yes campaign.

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Can anyone provide an official source for these new powers the Scottish Government will receive in the event of a No vote?

And I don’t mean someone saying it, I mean a written confirmation.

I genuinely want to see it, I’m not just being snide.

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This is important to think about, especially if you are voting No on the 18th.

The very worst polls (for the Yes voters) agree that at least 40% of people are voting Yes.

Yet every UK party, all but two Scottish parties, 36 of 37 major newspapers, every news programme… all these organisations are coming down on the side of No.

This is the decision of a few thousand powerful people. And these people get the say over and above the millions of Scottish people who want independence.

I’m not telling you to vote Yes if you don’t want to, but at the least you have to recognise how unjust and biased the message is at the moment. If you want this to be a fair referendum, read the ideas of both sides FROM the sources those people provide, regardless of your own stance.

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I’m watching the debate I missed just now. Everyone with a decent question is being ignored in favour of more currency debate.

The currency thing is not an issue. It is being lied about to such an extreme by people with no authority.

Even if it WAS an issue, it wouldn’t be the MAIN issue. It’s horrific that this is still the crux of the debate.

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Ok Alistair Darling says that we have a £6bn “black hole” which is half of what we spend on healthcare and… more than we spend on schools.

We spend less than £6bn on schools? Trident is going to cost Scotland alone £8bn, and that’s more than we spend on schools? Fuck that.

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I keep seeing the argument that in an independent Scotland, we won’t be able to afford pensions (or other similar thing) whereas in the UK we can, because the UK has a “bigger economy”.

You don’t NEED an economy the size of the UK to support a country 10 times smaller. Of course the UK has more pension money, they’re paying for 10 times as many pensions. These things can scale down without anyone’s pension actually getting any smaller.

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"Imagine the Scottish Independence debate was in reverse."

Excellent points.

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I find it really strange when somebody says that they don’t believe there is a god, and somebody else asks them for proof.

There’s a big difference between “not believing in” something, and “believing there is no” something.

For example, if I say that I don’t believe there’s a Chinese restaurant nearby, that means I’ve never heard of any. If I say I believe there is definitively NO Chinese restaurant nearby, then you can ask me how I know that, but otherwise I’m making a statement about what I don’t have proof for, not what I do.

It always irks me when people use the term “bow and arrow”. Arrows are just ammunition not part of the name of the weapon. It’d be like always saying “gun and bullet” instead of just “gun”.

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The nerve!….This goes out to all the spoonies.

Read this:

My name is Emelie Crecco, I’m 20 years old and I have cystic fibrosis. CF affects the lungs (as of many organs in the body) because of this I have a handicapped sticker. I’m not one to “abuse” the sticker, meaning I use it when I’m having a “bad day” (some days its a little harder to breathe). Today was HOT so I needed to use my sticker. I was running errands all day around my town, I pulled into a handicapped spot, placed the sticker in my mirror and continued into the store. Upon returning to my car I found a note written by someone, it said “Shame on you, you are NOT handicapped. You have taken a space that could have been used by an actually handicapped person. You are a selfish young lady.” I was LIVID. How can someone be so ignorant and cowardly? They clearly saw me walk out of my car, why not approach me? Not all handicaps are visible. I would love for you to share this story. It would help spread awareness for CF, but it would help open people’s minds to what handicapped really is.
Thank you for your time”
~Emelie Crecco

A friend of mine fell over 20 feet and basically broke half his ribs, punctured his lung, broke his arm in three places that required many surgeries to fix and messed up a nerve in his leg. He had to walk with a cane for a long time after it and some lady in a restaurant thought he was just walking with a cane for the hell of it and she ripped it from his hands and grabbed his messed up arm and shook him and told him he was an awful human being for pretending to be handicapped. What the fuck people?

This is what real ableism looks like.

I have ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disorder which causes my body to attack my colon, and I qualify for one of those stickers. I’m scared to get one, though, because I look healthy and whole.

A mutual friend of mine’s mother has severe fibromyalgia (that gives her a handicapped pass) and as she was walking to her car after buying her groceries, a man actually lunged at her and started yelling at her about her “not looking handicapped”. It left her mother shaking and crying, of course, and it just makes me so angry how awful and ignorant some people can be. 

Not all handicaps are visible

Can I just pin this sentence on every lamppost all over the planet please

I get this all the time with my knee problems if i’m not wearing my supports

People are idiots. I know a few handicaps. They may not look it but they actually are. HANDICAP PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE TO BE VISIBLE WITH WHAT THEY HAVE TO BE HANDICAP FOR.

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In Crete.

Going home tomorrow.

Gonna miss Choco Big.

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why would you ever idolize cops when firefighters exist

yeah seriously have you ever heard of “corrupt firefighter”

what would a ‘corrupt firefighter’ even be. he put out that fire with a little TOO much water. he was a little rough with…

Completely horrible but still not as bad as straight up murder.

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