Distressed, disheartened, deflated.

My country has decided it is in fact, not a country, but a region.

All by 5%.

Vaguely proud of Glasgow and my home town for going Yes, at least I don’t have to feel alone.

Still, not feeling great, ahaha.

Yeah it’s basically crap. Worst of it is that the people who voted No did so largely out of ignorance. They’ll be whining about the state of Scotland with the rest of us in a year or so.

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I don’t know how many Scottish people even follow me, but if you’re still unsure about how to vote today, please think carefully about whether you are happy with the way things are.

Not every change is good, but if you want things to get better, there needs to be a change. We all have far more to gain than we have to lose here.

Be brave and vote Yes.

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Fun fact: Seymour Guado is an anagram of “our sad moe guy”.

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Fuck see if togami Fukawa isn’t canon what is even the point

Pretty sure in the ova they fell in love and got married pretty sure that happened

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Decided to try out ILYS with a Danganronpa drabble:

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Togami sat with a blank expression until Celestia had left the room. Once he was fairly certain she was gone, he reached into his pockets and withdrew his spare shoes.

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Decided to try out ILYS with a Danganronpa drabble:

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Cactuar village is the saddest sidequest I’ve played in any game ever holy … whyyyyy

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LibreOffice it does not count as file recovery if you literally just take five minutes to give me the last thing I saved.

Intelligent people trying to act cleverer than they are so often sound dumber than honestly stupid people.

My girlfriend leaving me for a much more viable mate.

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I can’t believe Mr Salmond invented the NHS to use as a fear tactic for the Yes campaign.

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Can anyone provide an official source for these new powers the Scottish Government will receive in the event of a No vote?

And I don’t mean someone saying it, I mean a written confirmation.

I genuinely want to see it, I’m not just being snide.

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This is important to think about, especially if you are voting No on the 18th.

The very worst polls (for the Yes voters) agree that at least 40% of people are voting Yes.

Yet every UK party, all but two Scottish parties, 36 of 37 major newspapers, every news programme… all these organisations are coming down on the side of No.

This is the decision of a few thousand powerful people. And these people get the say over and above the millions of Scottish people who want independence.

I’m not telling you to vote Yes if you don’t want to, but at the least you have to recognise how unjust and biased the message is at the moment. If you want this to be a fair referendum, read the ideas of both sides FROM the sources those people provide, regardless of your own stance.

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