Cool now we can save Blank

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If I was the Devil, I’d probably hide in Bibles.

Just saying you guys should be careful.

Anyone notice how repel is leper backwards?

Turns out wild pokemn

Are scared of lepers

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imagine commissioning some music from the London Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra 

and then they just sent back some really high quality farting noises with the occasional belch and arse slap. 

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I bet Alois sometimes orders Claude to be his pyjamas.

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I want a Mega Garbodor.

I want it to look like a run down house with trash pouring out of the windows and the garage.

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» False Punishment


When you do something bad in a game (either executing an action poorly or doing something the game doesn’t want you to do) it punishes you. It can take away money or items from the player, inconvenience them, or just force them to redo what they just did. Typically the punishment is proportional to how bad the player screwed up, they don’t dodge a fast moving attack and they lose a couple bars of health but if they get hit over and over again they have to start the level over.

Punishment is supposed to encourage the player to not do something. How well they learn that lesson depends on how clear the game is about why they are being punished and what they can do to not be punished in the future, but the point is to stop the player from doing a thing either because it is not how you progress or because allowing the action is unhealthy for the game. Now, there are also false punishments, things framed as a punishments that aren’t actually a punishment.image

Why would you want to do that though, frame what is ostensibly a reward as a punishment?

Well, the best false punishment ever is the cops in the GTA series. When you commit a crime in the game you get a wanted level and the cops chase you, this is framed as a bad thing, as a punishment. Yet, being chased by the cops is one of the most fun things in GTA. It leads to amazing, emergent and unplanned game play that steadily escalates. The game frames it as a punishment because that is how the mechanic fits into the world but the cops and the wanted level the player can accrue is in no way designed to get players to follow the laws in the GTA universe. When you commit a crime in GTA the game responds not by punishing you but by starting great big game of tag.

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I bet Alois makes Claude do all the hard bits in his videogames 

and also blames Claude whenever he dies

I bet Claude makes Alois look away and then puts the cheats in.

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Expert Nobody


batshit internet clown

My girlfriend is a Batshit Homeless Person and I’m a Smokin’ Hot Disgrace.

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“At the beginning of the Portal development process, we sat down as a group to decide what philosopher or school of philosophy our game would be based on. That was followed by about 15 minutes of silence, and then someone mentioned that a lot of people like cake.”
— Erik Wolpaw, writer of Portal. (via elucipher)

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Jonathan Cooper was the Animation Director on Assassin’s Creed 3.

Dan Lowe was the Senior Technical Animator on Watch Dogs.

Both are calling out the Assassin’s Creed: Unity team on their bullshit about not including female avatars in multiplayer.

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"And I gotta say… it’s a pretty accurate title!"


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The comment above reads:

"I wouldn’t buy it, if the game had a female lead; nothing against women. As a man, I just feel more comfortable playing as a male, just being blunt."

This was made in light of the Assassin’s Creed Unity controversy and it got me angry. And because I am angry, I got to thinking. I generally stay quiet about this kind of thing on Tumblr, but nah. Not this time. It’s going to be short because I’m too riled up to really form coherent thoughts, so I will end this quickly. I promise.

In 2013, a study was conducted by EEDAR, a video game research firm, in which they looked at 669 that had protagonists with discernible genders. Of the 669 games, they found that only 24 of them had female protagonists. That’s just barely 3.5%.

Which leads me to my point.

Women make up about 50% of video game players. Imagine if every single woman that was a fan of gaming refused to play games featuring male protagonists. Statistically speaking, the sales of those games would be cut in half.

Most of us just want to play our games, so we put up with it (and I know I am not speaking only for myself when I say that a lot of those male protagonists really do mean a lot to us), but why is it so difficult for people to grasp that we want to play as women, too? And why is that a bad thing? Lara Croft is one of the most iconic video game characters of all-time and she is a woman.

Let me go ahead and repeat that comment from above:

"I wouldn’t buy it, if the game had a female lead; nothing against women. As a man, I just feel more comfortable playing as a male, just being blunt."

Yeah. Okay. Imagine how women feel having to play as a man 95% of the time.

Agreed 100%, and it should be obvious. Kind of scary that some people don’t get it.

Over and above that though? What the hell is wrong with you if you feel genuinely uncomfortable controlling an imaginary character because they do not share your gender? That is so completely alien to me.

I can only imagine how this person feels playing a Kirby game.

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Awright startin up VII 

loads a wee stars

probably spell out “sex” 


They probably started with stars to foreshadow Jenova. 

Secondly, I find it really interesting that Aerith is the first character we see - the first character we see fully rendered in CG for a long time, too. The game is immediately flagging up that she’s very important and trying to burn her into our heads. 

She’s also just seen as a flower girl, that’s your first impression of her - and it’s what she identifies as, later. In the first few seconds, her entire character stereotype is thrown up for you to remember. 

It might be worth pointing out that exactly one of the stars is a shooting star. Kind of like Jenova or Meteor.

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"tit flip ratchet and clank"

A thing that my girlfriend just searched for.